Brain Nutritional Supplements (Brain Cell Function Improvement)


Have you ever been surprised by yourself, who used to remember well, but often forgets things these days? As you get older, I think you’ve all felt that your functions aren’t the same as before So today, we’re going to talk about nutritional supplements that can calculate brain function First, there’s a specialist drug called choline alfoscerate It’s usually a brain nutrient for patients in their 50s and older, but it’s actually a medical term to say that it’s a brain function improvement rather than a brain nutrient

This cholinergic alfoscerate has been proven to be effective in normalizing neurotransmitter function, which is reduced by nerve damage, and helping to improve nerve cell function by acting directly on damaged brain cells Let me briefly explain how the story works When you take choline alfoscerate, it passes through the vascular brain barrier and enters the interior directly Choline and alfoscerate are then transferred to a substance called acetylcholineAcetylcholine, which is formed as an important neurotransmitter responsible for learning and memory, can help brain function by directly acting on damaged brain cells Patients with actual dementia or memory loss often lack acetylcholine

Choline alfoscerate and other prescription drugs used in dementia treatments are drugs that increase the amount of acetylcholine, but since it is a prescription drug, it is difficult to be prescribed at a hospital without diagnosis Nevertheless, for those of you who are worried about forgetfulness, which often blinks because your family is here, I’ll tell you the nutritional supplements that help you lose your memory, which are easily available at nearby pharmacies, not medicine The first one is Omega 3 Also, you can think of it as an omega-ya, but Omega 3, which is composed of EPL finished products that have anti-inflammatory properties and DHA, the ingredient that makes up the brain’s nerves, can help improve memory if you eat it constantly

Omega 3 can help improve eye chronic inflammation and triglycerides in the blood, so I recommend you to take one pill a day from now on for your health regardless of age The second one is the recipe Lecithin is a phospholipid, a substance that accounts for 30 percent of brain neurons. Essential fatty acid, choline inositol, is a marriage substance that helps prevent dementia by providing smooth metabolism to cholesterol and improving blood vessel elasticity Also, the components that make up my cell membrane are used as neurotransmitters, so it can be said to help improve my ability

In addition to two types of omega-3 lecithin, it has antioxidant effects, which helps blood circulation and helps prevent dementia and improve cognitive memory Several observational studies and epidemiological studies have shown that people with brain-intensive jobs have a low incidence of dementia Therefore, activating brain cells by reading, writing, and calculating can also help prevent dementia So far, we’ve looked at the ingredients that can improve my function

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