Symptoms of vestibular neuropathy (dizziness)


The nerves responsible for equilibrium are called vestibular nerves. If you get a viral infection of your life, or if your blood circulation is bad, and your nerves get inflamed, your mysterious functions will drop, and you’ll get dizzy. When vestibular neuronal inflammation is colored, it suddenly decreases the equilibrium function in one ear, and dizziness continues for several days until it is recovered to some extent and compensated. The symptoms start to get dizzy once they occur.

Unlike otolithiasis, otolithiasis tends to be full of points in certain taxes, and vestibular neuropathy is a disease that keeps you dizzy even if you stay still, and I told you that you can see a teacher when you sit down. So when I sit like this, I keep feeling dizzy for a few days, and then I can’t take my eyes off of it because it’s in the same shape and my body is leaning towards the side where the disease occurred.

It’s hard to read, drive, and walk. Sometimes it’s just family, sometimes it’s a little creepy, and it lasts for about 23 days, and then it gets better, and after about a week, most of it spreads to the point where you can walk around. It takes quite a long time to recover because it’s a disease that doesn’t function well, and if it’s several degrees to a few months, you can feel a little dizzy when you’re standing up, looking back or putting it in.

In most cases, dizziness, such as aftereffects, will recover after a few months, but financial accounting may feel weak for more than a year or 23 years. If you write that it’s going to explode, you’re going to do a safety test, and it’s said that it’s just sitting there, and it’s usually too much, so it’s hard to evaluate the equilibrium function, and when the spinning dizziness goes down, you’re going to do it, about 60% of them are fully recovered within a year, and some patients are still down.

So, we’re going to evaluate your function through various tests, and what you need to do in the hospital is to do 9 minutes of fushimi vestibular neuropathy, which is a central lesion stroke, and there are cases where you need to check this out. If you suspect this, you can check it with an MRI, but if you look into the case, it’s accompanied by a severe headache. If you fall too hard and have a severe imbalance that you can’t walk, or if your symptoms don’t improve even after about 23 days, or if your facial sensation continues, or if your speech is today’s poor or your voice develops, or if you have other symptoms,

And if you haven’t had a stroke before, if you haven’t had a coronary artery disease near your heart, or if you have risk factors for internal vascular diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, smoking, you need to do proliferative lesions for days, so you can take these symptoms into account and take MRI if necessary. In the case of treatment, it’s a disease that you have to wait for 4 o’clock, but if you wait, you’ll recover to a certain extent, and it’s so hard that you use vestibular drugs to make you feel dizzy.

Likewise, if you use it for a long time, the equilibrium function can be updated continuously, and the mild dizziness can continue, so you should use it for a short period of time as much as possible, and you may use steroids or antiviral drugs to treat the cause. And now, after the spinning dizziness disappears, the slight imbalance that remains or is being well received can be improved through vestibular rehabilitation.This vestibular rehabilitation can compensate the brain to some extent, even though the equilibrium function is off, if the function of vestibular rehabilitation is maintained a little bit.

So it’s a treatment that helps with this compensation, and if you wake up a little early, the remaining dizziness will disappear quickly, so I recommend you to treat it. When you start the treatment, you can start as soon as the dizziness goes away. There are steps 1 to 5, so don’t push yourself too hard. You can feel a bit nauseous and nauseous while exercising. If it feels weak, you don’t have to worry.

If you feel it’s too much, do a lower level of exercise. And if you don’t feel dizzy or feel nauseous while exercising, you can move on to the next step. It’s good to do it two or three times a day. Step 1 is exercise, step 2 is eye and head exercise. You can do it with anyone’s body at first, and you can do it while sitting down. For eye exercises, keep your head fixed and move your eyes up and down repeatedly. Next, eye-catching exercises are also helpful.

The way to do this is to stretch your arms forward and look at your fingers and bring your fingers to your nose, and then move your fingers far away and repeat the curse, and you can do the eye-gathering exercise. Step 2 is eye and head exercise. First, with your eyes open, bend your head back, lift it to the left, lift it to the right, and repeat this. Next, close your eyes and move your head. The third step is arm and body exercises that you do sitting down. After you raise your shoulders, turn it to the front, raise it to the right, turn it to the back, and repeat this.

The other exercise is to keep your hips attached to the chair and use your waist to turn your body and head from side to side. You can turn your head from side to side. Third, you have to put the ball under your feet, bend your back, and pick it up. There’s an exercise you didn’t come out right after. Look at the ball. Next, level 4 is standing arms and exercising a lot. Repeat step 3 of the exercise in front of you. Then, sit down and stand up on the chair with your eyes open. Then, close your eyes. And then a small ball. A tennis ball is enough.

Throw the small ball higher than the position in your eyes and receive it. Throw it with your right hand, throw it with your left hand, throw it with your left hand, and repeat it. Bend your back and exchange the ball from right to left to right. Step 5 is an exercise you do while moving. You’re going to do it with your guardian’s father. You can throw a big ball with both hands and hold it towards the side.

Next, I opened my eyes and walked slowly in the room. Next, I closed my eyes and went back and forth with my guardian’s support. Let’s walk. Third, open your eyes on a slope and walk slowly up and down. Next time, close your eyes and go up and down with the viewer. The next step is to slowly go up and down the low stairs, and then go up and down with your guardian’s eyes closed.

And if your condition gets better, bowling, badminton, golf, and other sports that require you to keep looking at the ball will help you improve your dizziness. That’s it. If the symptoms are a little severe, we’re on medication, and you know, we share a new era. There are times when these medications are unresponsive. In that case, there are cases where you can get rid of it.

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