Chili pepper allergy chili pepper allergy palm skin is itchy


Q: A woman in her mid-20s. My skin tickles a lot, such as my palm. I went to the hospital and took allergy tests several times, but there were no symptoms.

I have a long experience of receiving treatment at a university hospital.

The problem is only alleviated when taking antihistamines, and it often tickles on days when it is not.

Recently, my skin really tickled right after I ate Cheongyang chili peppers. Since then, I have been experimenting several times with the kind of pepper. As expected! I was allergic to chili peppers.

You can search it online, but there’s no such thing as pepper allergy. Are you sure you don’t have one?

A: All substances in the world can be allergy-causing allergens.

The normal allergy test conducted at the hospital may not be confirmed by the test. It’s not common, but it’s a possible symptom.

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