Frequent diarrhea, persistent bowel odor protruding anus entrance is a dental nucleus?


Q: I’m a middle-aged woman in my mid-40s. I have frequent diarrhea and have poor bowel movement. There’s a sense of change. After farting, I smell terrible poison gas. Even when I go to the toilet, I feel disgusted by my bad smell of poo.

I don’t know if it’s a hemorrhoid, but something like a lump popped out at the entrance of the anus. Is it hemorrhoids? It’s not going to lead to incontinence, is it? Is there a cure?

A: Possible dental nucleus or skin tail. This can lead to a lot of secretion, but it doesn’t cause metamorphosis. Don’t worry 비아그라추천

The patient’s condition is checked through anus resin test and anusoscopy, and medication or surgery is determined accordingly.

Something protruding from the anus doesn’t improve with medication, so I recommend you visit a nearby anus surgeon for medical treatment.

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