In the endix cream testicles?


Q: I’m a man in his 30s. Gingyun’s groin has been around since fall 2 years ago.

At first, only my groin was itchy, but as time went by, my left testicle was itchy. There’s something bumpy around the testicles. Right now, it’s itchy the most. It’s painful.

In the beginning, the groin area was only black, but now it looks like a dark red stain.

I had something similar to this on my left arm, so I asked the hospital and they said it was just a bruise. Even though I’ve never done anything that would shock me.

What the hell is this bruise? When will it get better?

I’ve been using endix cream for a long time, can I put it on my testicles?

A: Endix cream contains steroids as well as antifungal drugs. The steroids in this product have serious strength.

If applied to thin skin such as groin or testicles for a long time, the subcutaneous tissue shrinks and causes symptoms such as stretch.

Stop using it immediately and replace it with an antifungal ointment. It’s likely to leave a scar. It will ease in about a month.

For bruises, visit the hospital to find out the exact cause and get proper treatment accordingly.

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