chronic resistance treatment for Candidazitis


One of the common vaginitis is Candida vaginitis It’s fungal, and Candida RV Kant is the most common form of infection, and it’s very itchy, very poor quality of life, but in the beginning, I pray it’s not itchy When you come to the hospital, there are cases where it’s obvious that it’s disconnected, but there are cases where there are no symptoms, and in this case, there is a lump of cheese or a green yellow cold

Sometimes, patients think of it as “Candy Garden” when the white nengmyun comes out. But it’s not that I’m tired just because I have a white nengmyun, so you have to check it out at the hospital If you lose your immune system, you can come in and settle down But if you get caught chronicly, you need another friend Textbooks say that if it takes more than six times a year, it’s chronic, so they tell you to take medicine for six months, but you still talk about it after you take it

Radio again. It’s just the same I can’t do that It’s kind of like that, too. I got treatment, but I got it the next day and the next month. I actually saw a lot of cases like that I was in college, so I needed more aggressive treatment at the hospital, which is actually Candida vaginitis It’s like this. You don’t advertise to women that you can buy it at a pharmacy without a prescription

She said she’d like to say something about this. She thinks you can buy all the medicines you can buy at a regular pharmacy for 41 seconds. Candida vaginitis sometimes requires antifungal drugs, but there are products that you can ride at a pharmacy without a prescription

It’s the only candy you can buy at the pharmacy and put it in If you know it’s Candy and you can’t go to the hospital, I’m for it, but I don’t know if it’s candy or not, but it’s ticklish because it might not be because you shake it. You don’t know what you got. That’s right

That’s the biggest problem. Usually, patients say it’s itchy, so they buy it and put it in. But when they come to the hospital, it’s not vaginitis. So I went to the pharmacy because of the amount. I think I said, “Think about it.” Kant is calling you You only need to eat candy part-time Kant once. You still need to check it out If I don’t have an exam, I think there will be albicans, and I just ate it, but there are times when it’s hard 비아그라 판매

Candida vaginitis, so it sounds like an antifungal drug, but it doesn’t work as soon as you talk. It takes a day or two to get rid of the symptoms when you’re on a pickle. You took it at another hospital. It works. I’m not a quack 20 years ago. Don’t worry

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