Early symptoms of rectal cancer Malignant tumors in the rectum


We need to talk about malignancies in rectal cancer cells Colorectal cancer or rectal cancer depends on where the cancer occurs when the colon is largely divided into colons The length of the workplace is about 15cm The link between diet and rectal cancer is a field that is studied in large quantities, and if residential areas such as immigration change regardless of genetic differences, the incidence of rectal cancer varies depending on regional characteristics

High calorie intake (take) Fiber deficiency Animal fat intake (take) Obesity is known to be relatedIn proportion to the age of patients who lack calcium vitamin D inflammatory bowel disease, the incidence of intestinal polymorphism increases in those over the age of 50

In the case of early rectal cancer, we don’t think anything will show up

As the cancer grows, it’s common for blood to change or mutate with lesions It can be accompanied by weight loss and loss of appetite When the stool habit changes, you have to endure the stool so that you can have symptoms after you want to see it againCancer causes pain Cancer can spread to the bladder around the rectum, and vaginal bleeding can lead to abdominal pain in women

Usually, when you have a rectal exam, you have to have a biopsy at the same time

In some cases, surgery can be done quickly Before surgery, we can say we’re checking the progress of the disease to see if it’s spreading to other areas I can tell you that surgery is necessary to know the exact progress of the disease Depending on the weapon, there’s no need for postoperative chemotherapy or radiation therapy

The way to prevent rectal cancer should be limited to foods such as egg, meat, salad, dressing, milk, and oil 비아그라파는곳

I can tell you that you need to reduce your fat intake If you eat a lot of fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits, you can say that you need to control your weight It is recommended to avoid soup, consume enough calcium, and quit smoking

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