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I’m sure all the wives who are about to give birth are always worried about giving birth, and there are people who think it’s scary when they see it in their dreams There are many things that we go through during childbirth There was a time when I went into Mom Cafe and found something really shocking There are times when people think that the treatment that we do is very humiliating in the birth family, and from the medical staff’s point of view, it’s nothing, but when you accept it, it’s okay

It made me think that it could be this unpleasant and upsetting. It’s a set of three humiliation sets that you’re talking about It’s one of the first three medical staff to do in childbirth, and it’s a very common procedure One is earthquake resistance, one is financial silence, and the other is the director. I think there are a lot of people who feel uncomfortable with dogs these days, so I’ll explain why they need to do those humiliating things and what’s good about it. The first earthquake is to observe how the delivery goes The process of selling out is like, “Are you old now?” In short, you put two fingers in a few days to measure how far your cervix is open

You can watch it. The reason I keep doing this is to figure out what’s wrong with my complaints. We often say it’s a delivery accelerator or an induction It’s also the standard for controlling drugs used for induction delivery. It shrinks well as it progresses, but it’s the basis for deciding surgery when the warehousing is not open at all. So, you can say that it’s done slowly every hour. If it’s too fast, you have to observe it every 30 minutes So, the process that you did today, the cervix, the softness of the cervix, is normal, and it’s the basis for comprehensive understanding of the possibility of opening up in the future, so get used to it, because it’s an essential process in the delivery process

If you think it’s one of the ways that medical staff can’t figure it out, it’s easier to accept it. For example, if you’re old or not, but it’s not going well, and the baby’s contracting and struggling, there’s a possibility that it’s not working properly. If you can see her hair I’m gonna get better, but we’re gonna have to say that we’re not ready for anything yesterday, or that the doctor’s in another surgery, or, uh, that’s gonna be a big deal So the delivery process

I want you to know that school records are very important to understand exactly. And the other thing is shaving For those who are uncomfortable with hair removal, I don’t know the difference between waxing Waxing is the same. If you spread your legs, you pull it out I shave my hair by looking at it. I don’t peel it all. If you give birth naturally, it looks like a third of a pictorial So we remove the hair around it so that it doesn’t interfere with the treatment process. It can sting or itch The reason we have to do that is because we’re dealing with it, and after the baby comes out, it doesn’t matter There are times when you do a perineal incision or not, but there are cases where the perineal area is very scarred He’s a big baby, but since he’s pushing for a small space,

If there’s a flame wound, you have to tie it up. The area around you is clean, the dental clinic is fast, and you want it. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to sew it up. But from the medical staff’s perspective, if you have a lot of hyungs, the kids come into that space So if you take this out and that out, it takes a lot of time. I think it’s going to take about 1.5 times longer. If it’s possible to treat it, the wives get nervous. If it’s done quickly, it’s good because the longer you touch it, the more likely you’ll get infected

That part is more likely to be exposed to Ju-ne So later, the perineal incision can open up again, or it can cause inflammation. It’s better to do it quickly and cleanly, but the other thing is to play a big role in that process. Why not do it? Some people say that it’s much cleaner when we’re wearing it

So there are people who can’t give strength because they’re worried that their bowels will come out. Even if they do, the lower part of the anus is tightening Then, the muscles around the pelvis are tense. Then, you can’t come out of the spring. You can feel the talk in the middle. But there are a lot of times when I can’t do this smoothly. There are people who relax and do this well But if there’s feces left in the intestines, it comes out with this 강남매직미러

When we push it down together, we listen to it from the bottom, but when we can’t avoid it, we laugh. There are times when it’s not perfect. It’s not good I hope you think that your enema is something you need at times like this Learn about the three sets of humiliation. These are necessary treatments for the medical staff. This is one of the necessary procedures for the director and the baby. So don’t feel too bad about this I hope you prepare well for childbirth and have a healthy baby

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