STD test (STD test) Heterogeneous inflammation


STD test. Let me explain a little bit about STD test There are a lot of people who want that kind of test when they come to the hospital because of vaginitis In some cases, when certain bacteria are hard working or suspected of cervical inflammation, they say that the test should be done at the hospital I’m curious if there’s a bacteria that doesn’t have a lot of inflammation And there are people who came to get tested So, the number of tests like that has increased a lot So, come to the hospital, do a test, and listen to the results

After hearing the results, there are 12 kinds of things that we usually do. Not all bacteria are sexually transmitted. The title is called Bible because of the std test. Some people think it’s a normal vaginitis. Some people don’t have to worry about it The ones that come out the most are Chlamydia or Trichomonas

These are sexually transmitted people So, you need to treat your partner. But when these bacteria come out, you always raise them. I tested them and they came. But if they tell you that it’s contagious through that relationship, your boyfriend has to tell you to treat them. You have to treat them. Because if my boyfriend is not treated, they can come back up That’s called ping-pong infection When I was playing ping pong, he kept giving and taking it back and forth, as if he were going back and forth, so even if I was completely cured, if I couldn’t match him, why couldn’t I?

It repeats over and over again, so you have to treat it with your boyfriend You have to treat it together to see if the bacteria disappears. You have to treat it until it’s completely cured. The treatment is relatively long You can take medicine for a day to a week It’s a simple treatment like that, but it can continue in the evening, so you have to check until you’re diagnosed with a cure. Now, you have to check if it’s a recurrence because I might be sold That’s why they’re colleagues. So when I tell you the results, you always worry They’re asking why my husband had germs. But this isn’t it

That’s not true. So in this situation, you can say, “You have a bacterium.” We don’t know when he got infected or where he got infected So the downside is that there are people who suspect their husbands because of this, fight, and have problems. They checked their boyfriends, but the germs didn’t come out Then you have a lot of tangerines. It’s like you’re not moving your boyfriend So, you don’t know. Maybe your boyfriend treated you in advance, maybe he got it from his ex and had it, but he didn’t have any major symptoms, so he bought it without knowing That’s why I kept it But my boyfriend is not here yet. Please understand 강남야구장

So, when you try to get treatment, you need to be perfectly in that relationship But it’s hard because I can’t do that So, when you come out with two people, you need to treat them well We need to treat it together You have to make sure you don’t wear clothes There are parts where the song is blocked So if you use a lot of help, you’ll lose a lot of money on the way up, but it’s not completely preventable, so if you can during the treatment period, it’s better to have a relationship, and if you have to do it, it’s better to use it, and you should always check it out together after the treatment

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