Correction of a fallen molar after extraction


It would be nice if the tooth was pulled out in an unavoidable way, but mysteriously, we don’t anymore. For example, if a lot of cars are lost, the molars in the back fall forward, or if the tooth is lost, the baby will come down

One person lost his molar at the end and left it unattended for more than a few years. He visited the dentist, and he came to the hospital from afar, where he was clearly down a lot In that case, if you want to get a lower tooth implant, you don’t even have to threaten to make your hair because I’m almost down to your gums In that case, most of the time, you have to have a crown treatment with implants and cut and cut the part that came down

Of course, the treatment isn’t a bad thing, but congratulations on having to shave your own teeth. You don’t just pull out a motor, you don’t get a radish, because there’s never a permanent crown Usually, at the end of the average life span of 10 to 15 years, it’s also missing, and the time to pull out teeth is shortened, so you try to keep your teeth intact and take them away And of course, we offer you the option to cut and clean more, because you may not have the time, you may not have the money, you may not have the money, you have the responsibility to make a comprehensive judgment and provide the most appropriate solution for you 정품 시알리스

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