Reproduction of broken front teeth (when only roots are left)


Usually, it’s called an indication of dental transplant. In that case, when the hair is rotten because of the old crown, you can see that the roots are left behind Most of the time, it’s a guide, and in that case, there’s no hemorrhoids left to hold the crown, so I often remove it Not all cases, but if we’re in a healthy condition, we don’t have gum disease, and the roots are longer, we can sell our teeth through orthodontic extraction, which pulls the roots down through orthodontic and exposes the head to the gums

My teeth are broken, and this crown is completely broken, so the broken part of my mouth is under my gums, and on the outside, it’s not left, but if you look at a little bit, you’ll see I think the broken part came later. It’s broken up to here. As you can see, the part that’s left over here will be left over from the front

The broken parts are stuck together I was thinking about whether to correct it or make a thief mistake, but I explained it to the patient and I think I suggested intentional replanting as an option first Unless it’s hard to straighten out or open, I think I make a small mistake with intentional replication more frequently

It’s a bit difficult to pick, so I’m taking it out with braces It’s because it’s been a while since I saw it for the first time. I don’t remember. I just did it intentionally. I was busy, but I didn’t even have a part left. So I pulled it off and had my teeth removed 시알리스 파는곳

When you have braces, your teeth become loose and your surrounding tissues and kicks become very easy. You can move around with all your braces, but it’s called tissue. It’s broadened. It’s a presentation experience A month later, there was one rule, so I had a dental implant on September 2nd When you’re a month old, you can remove the braces, remove the anesthesia, and fix it on top. It doesn’t fit. If the teeth are 360 degrees round, it’ll go in. But if you turn it, it doesn’t go in completely

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