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The black part that you can see clearly is just a lot of cavities I think you have a lot of fear in your mouth, but I think you might have bad memories of going to the dentist when you were young. You haven’t had a lot of scaling for a long time, so you can’t have a dental checkup So it’s easy to get cavities. There are a lot of things like that This is the left side of the patient, and there’s a part of the test that tells you to pay attention to the top, and it might look okay in some way, but there are three molars with the top root

There’s a neural tube at each root, and we found one of our neural tubes, so we re-neuroted it, and we rested on the stomach, and he’s a person who has the will to make sure that it’s black in some ways I don’t know if it’s because they didn’t brush their teeth after they got together, so I don’t know if it’s because they’re naturally local, but they might have come in combination You can see that I have a big cavity and that I’m comfortable with black

Other than that, it’s not that big, but at the very end of it, the white enamel is the hardest bone that’s sometimes stuck, and the ones that don’t have it are black lines or wedges, which are typical X-rays of adjacent cavities If it’s a typical neighborhood, you can’t see the cavity, but you can see this car fighting a lot If I show you my cavity reconstruction, it’s not another tooth

You can do this much to the inside, and now you haven’t completely removed it, and you can see a point big enough to go inside, and it’s the same experience It’s the same. If you look on the side, it’s inside the cavity, but it’s a cavity that doesn’t show on the outside I couldn’t brush my teeth that much. The first reason is that I can’t brush my teeth well and don’t get regular care. At first, it exists as a belt around me, but as you can see, it goes down to the right

And when your gums come down, you can’t bring your body back up Well, that doesn’t mean you’re here if you’re aware of the symptoms while they’re going on I don’t have any symptoms Later, it removes all the consistency, and the hole rings between the teeth. Oh, some of you might say this, but I made it so that you know that it’s not going down, but down Along with tartar, it builds up as much as possible on the outside as the second-layer microorganism can live on, and the pink part of the gum that originally has to be that kind of gum is normal

That’s how many angiomas are gathered. Why is the vascular tissue here? To fight, the integration, the swelling, the swelling of the blood vessels, because our allies can fight white blood cells, the blood vessels widen, and the general irritation of the gums never changes It’s bleeding so well. We should always eat blood when we eat something But our bodies are well-made, so even if we eat hard nuts, we can eat them without getting hurt 비아그라 추천

Most of the vasodilation causes the body to get tired of even the slightest irritationThe first symptom of my bad body is my mouth bleeding. Please know that my gums are bleeding. I hope you go to the dentist and check for gum disease As you can see, it’s not even being cleaned Since I didn’t put it on my wisdom teeth, there are people who don’t have space in their bones, and there are people who have time if I don’t put it in like a neck

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