Precautions after wisdom tooth extraction Should I take antibiotics before pulling it’s better teeth?


Q: Hello. I’m a single woman in my early 20s. I’m going to visit the dentist a few days later to have my wisdom tooth removed. I have a question. Would it be better to take antibiotics before pulling out your teeth? I’d like to know what precautions are there after wisdom tooth extraction.

A: If you’re young and healthy in your 20s, I’ll tell you you don’t have to take medicine in advance. However, those who have an immune system problem or have undergone a heart stent procedure should take antibiotics one hour before pulling out their wisdom teeth.

Key caveats include:

First, you have to hold the gauze in your mouth for an hour after extraction. Please use a cold pack for two days. You must quit smoking and quit drinking for more than a week. You should refrain from going to the sauna or extreme exercise. You should be careful because using a straw when drinking a drink or smoking (inhaling the filter) increases the sound pressure in the mouth and slows recovery 정품비아그라

I can tell you that it is better to avoid spicy, hot, and hard foods and eat soft, non-irritating foods when eating. I hope you get a good result. Thank you.

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