But most of the drugs

What is toxic hepatitis?

But most of the drugs

We’re going to talk about toxic hepatitis The liver of our body undergoes metabolic processes When a substance enters the body, it undergoes a metabolic process in which it may be contained as a toxic substance, although there are some effective substances

But most of the drugs that we’ve developed are safe because they don’t just make these effects from refining, but some natural substances are applying these effects as well as toxic substances, so if you’re home or done with them, they can be included as toxic substances

If you go beyond the ability to detoxify toxic substances that metabolize, they break down the liver cells and eventually fail to function, resulting in symptoms of hepatitis, which is called toxic hepatitis In general, all medicines for the liver are labeled as hepatotoxicity

Most of the drugs are safe because they investigate and develop all the liver toxicity, but even commonly used drugs like acetaminophen Tylenol can be toxic, and then tuberculosis drugs or epilepsy drugs or antiarrhythmic drugs can be indicative of hepatotoxicity

But more than that, you can be careful if you know the hepatotoxicity of those drugs, but you have to be careful because there are some toxic substances in them and they can cause hepatotoxicity

You know, What’s the distinction between type A and type B viral infections and alcoholic hepatitis? The cause is obviously type A and type B hepatitis viruses, and if we do a blood test, we can see if they’re present, and in the case of alcoholic liver disease, I definitely drank a lot I ate a lot There’s definitely a name for this disease 온라인약국 비아그라

In the case of toxic hepatitis, I think it’s not something I ate, it’s not a story, it’s just a health supplement, so it’s often very difficult to say that hepatitis came from a substance that causes it There are cases where it’s very difficult to diagnose because there’s no blood test that can detect toxic hepatitis

However, whether the symptoms themselves are caused by hepatitis virus, most of the symptoms are similar to hepatitis symptoms In the case of treatment, stopping the causative substance will be the cure, and unfortunately, there is no medicine to treat itself

However, when a strain occurs, a ring finger called n-acetylcysteine, which has an antioxidant effect, can help, and of course, udca, by promoting bile release, there is room for us to improve the symptoms quickly and effectively

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