a lump in the liver of a benign liver


Why does a benign liver tumor develop? In fact, I don’t know why, but when we examine our bodies, more than 80 percent of people can describe a benign liver tumor like a hump as a hump, but it’s said to have it somewhere or something You don’t have to worry too much because you can’t think of it as a major illness

It doesn’t turn into a bad disease, so as the production increases, if you cause symptoms such as homeostasis or indigestion, you can do the procedure or surgery to improve the symptoms, but it doesn’t explode or cause any discomfort, so you rarely need treatment

Then, if you drink a lot and have hepatitis, can you develop a lot of tumors? It’s not like that. There’s a hemangioma that’s ovipositive, local nodular hyperplasia, hepatic adenoma, bile duct cyst It’s often found in health check-ups. Even if there are no risk factors such as alcohol or viral hepatitis, it’s often found in adults

Hematoma is just a bunch of vesicles, cysts, simple cysts, and we’re going to put ourselves in a local process, where single cells just proliferate like this and make lumps, and hepatic cells grow a little bit more scientifically, and in some cases, multiple cancers

In other cases, you don’t have to worry because it’s not just cold, but it’s a bile duct benign tumor that swells when the bile ducts stick to it, and it’s a rare possibility of malignancy But you don’t have to be surprised if you find it in a health check-up because it’s much more often than not

Without angioma or north nodular response formula, two hepatic adenoma and many bile duct benign tumors can become malignant in some parts In the beginning, you get an ultrasound examination, and in order to see if it’s malignant or if it’s possible to synthesize it, you usually take a CT or MRI to diagnose it accurately 비아그라파는곳

If there is no possibility of this malignancy or even a slight possibility, the risk is not very high, then regular abdominal ultrasound examinations are required, and most of the time, as the number of abdominal ultrasonography increases, the symptoms are not needed through pressure

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