My eyes are red


I have bloodshot eyes. My eyes are red There are a lot of people coming First of all, it’s okay for those who came to the hospital. I can judge. I went to play with my friend for 3 nights and 4 days. It’s in the middle of the night. I’m curious if I should run to the emergency room right away

It’s better to call it a Korean name. I got bloodshot We have to go back to Korea. There’s an important point here The emergency that the ophthalmologist thinks is when you go to the eye, and between the two white eyes, the inflammation of the black eye is an emergency

If you want to tell the difference, first of all, when you’re bloodshot, especially if you’re using contact lenses, you don’t pay attention to them. Don’t forget to take them out as usual. They’re bloodshot, but they don’t get better. Look in the mirror

If you look closely in the mirror, you can ask someone else to look at you What the ophthalmologist says, “Emergency corneal inflammation” shows a black pupil with white spots That’s where the air starts, and if the medicine doesn’t work quickly, it starts to spread and it spreads, which is called corneal ulcer

When I’m in a place where I’m inevitably less accessible to medical care, I think it’s important to focus on whether I should run to the emergency room or wait and see if I can see something white on my black eyes

First of all, the inflammation hurts a lot. The white eye doesn’t hurt a lot. It feels like something’s in it. It’s the main symptom. It has a lot of conjunctivitis. It’s an allergic conjunctivitis. It’s one of the two that’s uncomfortable but it’s an infectious conjunctivitis

So for example, if I’m in charge of taking care of children, or if I’m in a job where I have to contact people, I wonder if I can move it to someone else

It’s okay to come to the hospital late, but the most important thing is whether to go to work or not, whether to go to school or not. Allergic conjunctivitis. Typical symptoms are itchy I keep rubbing it because it’s itchy. After rubbing it, it’s a bit more itchy. When you rub it, your white eyes will swell up transparently. You can see the whole eye

There are many cases where the color of the eye booger I don’t have a lot of eyelashes Epidemic conjunctivitis is not the main symptom, but it’s because it’s in your parents’ house. It’s called paint or it’s like a grain of sand. Why do you have so many eye boobs that it’s dirty for the general public?

You’re right to check for mumps, but I’m sure I can’t get paid How can you pay if you’re not a doctor? If you’re the god of conjunctivitis when you’re bloodshot, give me your hand if you don’ Fortunately, conjunctivitis doesn’t happen when you go into the air 시알리스파는곳

It’s caused by a contact infection If I touch things too much, if someone rubs my eyes, it gets caught again, so no one touches my stuff anymore. I won’t use the towel. You can see it every time you touch it I won’t hurt anyone to a certain extent, but I’ll just come the next day to see the doctor, so you can know that

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