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The most important thing is how well you control your sugar level. Because if you don’t control your sugar level, there are a lot of complications, so you can’t think about your eyes These days, when my teachers are diagnosed, they tell me a lot about it. But sometimes I miss it. One of the reasons why people with diabetes have to go to the eye doctor is that when they say diabetes eventually causes blood circulation, it’s hard to block blood circulation

The first thing you can damage is if your kidneys or head gets clogged, you’ll be in big trouble, or you’ll be in a bad situation. One of the indicators is that you’re looking at the door today, there’s a retina in the back, and the blood vessels are very thin It’s much more possible than hair. If you have a blood circulation problem, you start getting damage from here

There’s blood circulation, so there’s bleeding everywhere, or we call it a cotton swab, and it swells up like a stain, and eventually, because the blood vessels don’t answer, there’s no blood supply, and we start handing out cells in our eyes It’s only when the cells start to die, and when the blood vessels burst and bleed, I don’t feel any discomfort, and I can’t see what they say. Diabetes keeps going up over time, so after 10 years, diabetes doesn’t come out

In the extreme, if you’re over 20 years old enough to operate on 50% after 10 years, there’s no one who doesn’t have it. Once you’re diagnosed with the strength, you have to do it right away, especially if you can’t control it There’s no problem. You can see it every 6 months or a year. If there’s something wrong, it’s going to decrease. Sometimes, I take supplements that help blood circulation. I do laser treatment. There are a lot of treatments. You have to come before it gets worse 비아그라파는곳

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