My toenail athlete’s foot. Seryl Nailaka 3/5mL My toenails turned black


Q: Hello. I’m a single woman in my early 20s. Recently, my toenails have turned black (both big claws). I think it’s because I wear high heels often, so my toenails are too much. Should I be treated? If you leave it as it is, it doesn’t get better naturally, right? I am very worried and worried about whether I should visit the dermatologist for treatment.

A: Based on the symptoms, it is likely to be a toenail athlete’s foot. If you visit a nearby dermatologist for medication and apply Roseryl Nailaka (3/5mL), you will feel much better. This toenail athlete’s foot medicine is a general medicine, so you can buy it right away at the pharmacy, but the price is quite expensive, about 20,000 won to 50,000 won 비아그라구입

However, if you have a dermatologist’s prescription, you can buy it cheaply for less than 10,000 won. I’ll tell you that you don’t need to apply this medicine every day. You can tell you that you can kill fungi by applying it only once or twice a week.

Here’s how to use Roseryl Nailaka.

1. Use the attached file to completely grind the infected nail area. (On the second application, grind the infected nail back to the file.) At this time, the remaining roseryl nail lacas on the nail must be wiped with the attached isopropanol pad.)
2. Wipe the surface of the ground nails with a pad.
3. Put the attached spatula into the Roseryl Nailaka bottle and apply the chemical solution.
4. Apply evenly to the entire surface of the infected nail.
5. Wait 3 to 5 minutes for the liquid to dry

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