Gay in his 20s confirmed syphilis after oral sex kiss (positive)


Q: Hello. I’m a man in his late 20s. First of all, I’m gay. In the meantime, I have met several men through online cafes (next, Naver), Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and dating apps.

We had oral sex at a motel, drank semen, and shared kisses. Perhaps because of that, the health center recently tested for syphilis, and it was tested positive. I went to the hospital right away and had a blood test again. I’m going to receive treatment after seeing the test results in two weeks. AIDS has been tested negative, is there any problem with oral sex after wearing a condom?

A: Using condoms doesn’t completely prevent STDs. Since you have already been confirmed to have syphilis, it is desirable to refrain from sexual intercourse such as oral sex until the weight loss is less than one-fourth. For more information, I would like you to consult a doctor after visiting the hospital. I hope you get a good result. Thank you 비아그라 파는곳

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