Dry and itchy skin (bathing time of more than 5 minutes)


If you have itching, it’s irritating to dry skin If you take a bath for more than 5 minutes, it gets dry Why is your skin dry when you’re in the water for a long time? You can only look at your skin when you’re in the water for a long time. You can just apply a lot of it as soon as it comes out, but if you dry it thoroughly, it’s much drier than usual When you take a bath in winter, even if you pay back your hair for 5 minutes, it is better to take a shower for 10 minutes only It’s better not to be fooled Next time, if someone goes into the soup, when there’s a lot of moisture left on the skin, I apply oil and get a lot of moisturizer to get rid of the moisture The next time you take a bath, you must wash only with your hands When you wash your face, I washed it with water and did it with my hands

You have to wash your body with your hands only You have to take a simple shower to protect your skin Second, don’t do it. What mine is… Even if you have itching, you shouldn’t scratch it Even if you’re tired, you’ll get sick if you scratch it If you don’t drag it away when you have a slight itchiness, you’ll get very sick When you have itching, you just hold it in and pat it with a towel that you kick. You don’t irritate it, but come to the hospital quickly and take medicine You can’t stand itching That’s why I’m leaving. I don’t have to scratch it, I have to take my meds quickly, and I can still get out And then, in the new year, I’d like to ask you guys to go online and get a lot of groundless medical information about TV

Let’s not get old. Don’t search for skin information on Naver or Daum, which is the most convenient place for you For example, if you search for acne treatment on NAVER, everything you see is a business advertisement If you search for it on the acne search keyword, you can pay for the hospital adFor example, if you have any questions about your skin disease, the most obvious way is to go into the search box and go to Naver, and then go into the search box and search for a reliable university hospital first

If you search a university hospital and go to a dermatologist at a university hospital, the information you’re curious about is relatively commercial, non-advertising, and real information If you search for the treatment you want on NAVER or the next search box, the commercial commercial will be on the front row Don’t search right away in the new search box because you have to look through the pages to get the right objective information 강남풀싸롱

Or there’s a lot of big hospitals with pretty famous dermatologists So you have to go into the hospital, go into a hospital site, and search for the contents there, and if you just search in the search box, you’ll all be able to see advertisements and not see the exact information

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