How to Prevent Turtle Neck Syndrome


Just as it is important to prevent all diseases before they fall, it is more important to prevent them before they occur. It is important to check if it is in front of the mountain or on the right, so that you can maintain your posture well. I don’t know how to do it It usually comes out like this. It’s normal to be in the mountain without Heesun.

When that happens, you should always look at the mirror next to you because of the black mosquito and make sure that the steamer is in the right position to match your shoulder line. I think it’s better to take a mirror I think it is most important to observe and care about the body.

I want to sleep comfortably, so I look for a cervical or memory foam pillow. Eggs don’t break at home shopping these days. There are a lot of people like that, but is there any way I can help you with turtle neck syndrome? That’s the most important thing.

It affects your health for 6 to 12 hours a day, so I’ll recommend it. High pillows are not good. A hard pillow is better for a cushion pillow than a hard belly. Even if you have a cushion, it is important to use a pillow that helps your neck. Let me explain.

For example, if you roll a towel or two and draw a circle, you can leave the ship to the company and lose a little. It’s best to sleep in a temple. But it’s worth noting that these functional pillows are only sold on home shopping or the Internet, but they get worse afterwards. To be careful, they usually have dents in the back of their heads.

But now, you can fix the curse while sleeping, which can build up fatigue in your neck or build up fatigue in your home. I don’t use the menu, but I think people are more comfortable. I think we should consider those things. You can eat it all of a sudden. Left and right. But it’s better to do it often. You have to make it round. It is important to slowly go down the muscles, and there is an important exercise method to prevent turtle necks 강남매직미러

You can see the most important point. If you show it from the side, you have to straighten your chest, tilt your scapula back, and tilt your head back, so you showed a straight posture. It is not difficult to eat out, so using a computer or smartphone is good for preventing and treating turtle neck. Don’t look at our smartphones too much. I want to fix it one by one.

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