Hair lump removal (scalp) Is it a nasal lump? Lipoma?


Q: A woman in her early 30s. Since college, I have had a bump the size of a fingernail on the scalp of my side head.

The hospital said it would just disappear or be okay, but now it’s bigger than the combined size of three nails. It’s uncomfortable when you lie on your side and sleep, and when you tie your hair, the bump looks big.

I want to go to the hospital and remove my hair lump, but I don’t know what department to go to. Is it dangerous to get rid of hair lumps?

A: One of the two is a hair follicle, usually non-tuberculosis, or a lump of fat. You can remove it through surgery. It’s not a dangerous operation. Don’t worry. It’s a relatively simple operation, and it’s usually done in plastic surgery clinics. If it keeps getting bigger, surgery will be difficult, so it is recommended to perform surgery as soon as possible.

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