After the Royamid filler injection, the injection marks popped up


Q: A woman in her mid-30s. Six months ago, I got a filler injection called loyamide at the plastic surgery clinic. The needle mark remained large, and it bulged up a month ago. I visited the plastic surgery clinic and asked, and they said the filler came down because of gravity.

The doctor said to incision this part to remove the filler at the end and sew a needle. If I do this, won’t I get a scar? If it doesn’t work like this, it’s said to have to be removed, but it’s said to be squeezed by pushing it through the hole by hand. Is that the right way? I’m very worried about whether I can get a procedure at this plastic surgery clinic. Should I get it from the dermatologist?

A: The area where the filler injection was injected seems to have been scarred. This kind of scar doesn’t usually occur. However, if the injection needle is thick and pressure is applied to the area, there may be a problem 비아그라판매

Usually, when performing a fat transplant, it is injected after a small incision, but it is similar to a scar if you poke with a pointed needle and inject it. If you think this scar won’t subside on its own, cut it off and suture it. This cannot be done right in dermatology. Dermatology is an internal medicine system. It’s not a surgical department. Cutting and suturing here can lead to bigger scars. I think it would be best to do it at the hospital where you operated.

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