Symptoms of glaucoma in their 20s broke into a vision


Female college student in their early 20s. : qI’m here to study and then suddenly your eyesight is falling.Visibility is something messy and have a headache and feel a strange eye for hospital visits.Visual examination, a tomographic examination and optic nerve and I was diagnosed with glaucoma.

One problem and not a little too have to be called invisible I think you see anything well.

Not any award when he saw the clearly visible and heuriteurit.I can’t see any lines or to clean things.Stand or fluorescent light hurts my eyes and see the bright, and unable to see and read properly even when I have a headache and dizziness.

Now not visible, writing also correctly.The white wallpaper when watching a white and clearly that to look dark and the surrounding area, not invisible, something on a plane and a dim feeling.The most visible side is the very heart at least.We have to look dim in the periphery of the symptoms.Telling me I’m so a lot of astigmatism.Readjust your glasses, but eyesight is better, still doesn’t look clean.

Also, to recognize any scenes or messages when a a letter a small one to you to concentrate on the rather less dizziness, but overall a large part when he saw the head is spinning.

So, handwriting is clearly, but can read sentences doesn’t look I felt very dizzy.Due to glaucoma?There is a problem or do you?I don’t see I’m sure my glasses back to, but always been neatly.Should I still live with it?You can’t see more clearly?

Eyes and your brain linked to the optic nerve. : aReduced blood flow here or the visibility is gradually reduced, increased intraocular pressure, which is known as glaucoma.

Don’t know how severe symptoms of glaucoma is now in her twenties, but age is not so much the same age, and it’s expected to be.Need to get the other if you have any physical problems if bad checks.

Central vision is fine, but the surrounding area won’t likely to be, but if your eyes are dry, glaucoma, can these symptoms.

Retinitis pigmentosa, if there are a man of family members with night blindness in the disease because of that possibility can not be ignored.Then don’t see well at night and peripheral vision at an early age not, you can see well.Now to get accurate diagnosis and treatment at hospital.

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