The pain in the inside of my eyes is sore clumpy and throbbing


Q: A woman in her 40s with adolescent children. My high school daughter got better after suffering from a cold in her nose for about five days, but she still has a cold. After going to school last Friday, he suddenly had pain inside his eyes in the afternoon. It hurts as if the muscles are sore and clumping, and the inside of the eyes are throbbing as if pushing the eyeballs out.I told him to sleep because it was long.

He woke up on Saturday morning and complained of being sick with the same symptoms again. It hurt for about 5 hours and then got better at night. He didn’t wear contact lenses on Sundays, but he was sick all day from morning to night.

I don’t see any congestion or abnormalities in appearance. I left school early today because I was sick. Even my eyes are sore, I feel bitter, and sometimes I cry. There is no congestion at all. He said he slept well and woke up, but it hurts so much as if the muscles behind his eyes were aching, stiffening, and clumping.

The child wore dream lenses well for about a year and a half, but suddenly his eyes kept washing in the morning, so it has been about 50 days since he was forced to change them to one-day contact lenses. What’s wrong with me?

Is the intraocular pressure high? Many times, my child said that his eyes hurt every time he caught a cold, but is it because of the cold effect? I watch computers and smartphones almost all day long, but is it because of the influence?

A: You’d better stop using contact lenses first because you have symptoms of eye irritation and tears. Pain inside the eyes is not a common symptom of dry eyes or inflammation, but symptoms may vary from person to person.

They say that it doesn’t come behind the snow. There are soft tissues in the orbital cavity, so inflammation can cause pain. Other causes cannot be ruled out.

There are cases where the same symptoms are complained simply when the body is tired, so if no specific findings are found in treatment, you usually take painkillers and see the progress 비아그라 구매

It would be helpful if cold medicine contains painkillers. You need enough rest.

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