Eye pain The needle-piercing pain


Q: A woman in her early 30s. Sometimes it hurts like a needle in the eye. Then it gets better quickly. There are also times when it hurts as if the tail of the eye is tearing. It gets better quickly after rubbing your eyes. My eyes tend to be dry.

Is such eye pain and needle-piercing pain common to anyone? Is this normal? What’s the problem?

A: These symptoms are what usually occur when you have dry eyes. If you see eye care, you will probably be prescribed artificial leakage.

Dry eye syndrome is not a disease, so it is not treated, but the only way to relieve uncomfortable symptoms. In this case, artificial leakage is frequently observed.

If you look at smartphones, computer monitors, and books for a long time, it will be helpful to take a break from time to time, take artificial leaks, and prevent the wind of the fan or air conditioner from directly touching your eyes.

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