Trembling under the right eye corner (with heart pounding and pain)


Q: A woman in her late 20s. I have symptoms of tremors at the bottom of the right eye corner since two weeks ago. I heard that the left eye tremor is due to a lack of magnesium, and the right eye tremor is due to a poor heart. Maybe that’s why, but my heart beats and sometimes I feel pain.

I still feel a little nervous. My pulse rate is about 75 per minute, so I think it’s okay, but it’s pounding as if I’m nervous. Is it related to your right eye and heart?

A: Heart pounding and eyes shaking are common symptoms. It is especially common in stressful young people.

In most cases, the cause is the physical response to stress. Sometimes it may have appeared in other diseases (neurological diseases, heart arrhythmia), so please visit a nearby hospital for treatment 비아그라 구매

It usually appears when you don’t eat regularly or skip breakfast after drinking frequently. Also, the same applies to sitting down, reading books for a long time, or working on computers a lot. If you take magnesium nutritional supplements and pay attention to your meals and posture, you will recover quickly.

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