Is it possible with oriental medicine without eye congestion and dry eye surgery?


Q: I’m a woman in her mid-20s working. I’m working in a design job. We almost have to work face-to-face with monitors. At first, my eyes were a little stiff. Therefore, it has been well over two years since I left it unattended. I happened to see a report on eye whitening surgery on TV. I got nervous when I saw that. I want to get eye congestion and dry eye treatment, but I’m scared.

Is oriental medicine possible without surgery? I’m also curious about the cost and treatment period. Isn’t there any adverse reaction?

A: Dry eyes can be seen as two main causes. The first is the lack of tears themselves, and the second is the excessive drying as the tear layer becomes abnormal and the eyes cannot be protected. Normally, dry eyes often occur due to reduced tear production due to aging. It can be said that the patient is due to the professional nature of having to watch the monitor for a long time.

Bloodshot eyes mean that the capillaries of the conjunctiva expand, increase, and blood stands up and looks red. Recently, lenses are often worn for a long time, resulting in hypoxia in the cornea or new blood vessels, which promote dryness and congestion.

In normal cases, if the invisible capillaries become inflamed, enlarged, or proliferated and bloodshot, they do not disappear easily.

Many are worried about the side effects known through the media. Oriental medicine does not use special drugs or machines, but acupuncture treatment or herbal medicine suitable for disease and constitution is prescribed, so you don’t have to worry too much.

The treatment period usually starts at 1 month. It can vary depending on the symptoms and the cost varies accordingly.

I hope you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment at a nearby ophthalmology or eye treatment clinic as soon as possible.

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