Surgery to inspect white spots around the black spots


Q: A woman in her mid-50s. My eyesight is normal, but maybe because I only work outdoors with dust every day, my eyes are always bloodshot when I leave work in the evening.

My body is tired, but I don’t feel any fatigue in my eyes. I even get misunderstood by my colleagues for drinking because of my red eyes all day long.

Bloodshot is frequent, but what’s more worrisome is that there is a white dot on the black spot of the pupil. I understand that surgery is necessary, but I am not willing to do it.

That’s why one eye started, and now something like a white dot is about to settle down to the other. Is there no other way than surgery?

A: Dry eye syndrome is the most common cause of eye congestion, but it is also a symptom that can be caused by various causes such as conjunctivitis, homophagitis, keratitis, and glaucoma. Depending on the cause, it is desirable to provide appropriate treatment. It is recommended to remove eye drops of artificial leakage 비아그라 파는곳

White dots around the black porcelain are likely to be winged or censored. There is no other way but surgery. Drugs that reduce inflammation after surgery are also used. For an accurate diagnosis, please go to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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