Is color medicine treatable or can I become a doctor?


Q: A woman in her late 30s with elementary school children. According to a physical examination at school, the child had color medicine.

I think I’ve heard somewhere that color medicine treatment is possible, is it true? Then, can I get treatment even if I visit a general ophthalmologist? If possible, when would be a good time for treatment?

If you can’t be treated, should you give up studying natural sciences? Is there any restriction? Doctors, oriental medicine doctors, researchers, etc.

Seeing that my child likes math and science, my aptitude is science, but I’m so worried.

A: Invalid information. I don’t know where you heard it, but color medicine is not treated.

There is a correction lens called a color medicine lens. If you wear this, you can distinguish some colors. Just because you use it right away doesn’t mean that the colorant is gone, but it only has a correction effect while wearing lenses. It’s not a therapeutic lens.

Color medicine is currently no problem in career choice. Doctors, oriental medicine doctors, and researchers have no restrictions on color drugs. When taking the national civil service exam, fire officials and police officials are restricted depending on the degree of color weakness.

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