His testicle veins are sticking out. Is it a vein of political account?


Q: I’m a sophomore in middle school. The blood vessels of the testicles have been sticking out since a few months ago. I don’t have any pain. I get a fever when I wear a square pantry, so it’s not a vein, is it?

It’s been about half a year since I had symptoms, but I’m still hesitant to tell my parents. I masturbate about twice a week. If it’s a varicose vein, is there a way to treat it without surgery?

A: I suspect a varicose vein. A varicose vein, a disease caused by abnormal dilation of a bunch of veins located at the top of the testicle, is easily diagnosed by visiting the urologist.

Surgery is not necessarily necessary, but surgery is essential to prevent infertility if you have a pain in your testicles or if you have a problem with your sperm.

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