Make sure you get an anastomosis test after vasectomy


Even if you have a vasectomy, contraception must be performed until you release all the sperm that has already been created and collected.

After discharging semen at least 15 to 20 times for about two months, it is essential to undergo an anastomosis test.

Statistics of urology show that one in 300 people have a case of reattachment after vasectomy. Even if the vasectomy has been performed, the vasectomy tends to be restored. In addition, the articles of association sometimes occur even after the examination of non-static certification and determination that there are no sperm 비아그라구매

After vasectomy, the method of testing for anastomosis is to discharge semen more than 20 times for about two months and then visit the urologist.

As a result of the test, re-operation is required if the vasculature is reconnected.

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