I can see worms in my eyes for my epigastric parv surgery


Q: A woman in her late 20s. I saw a transparent object like a worm in my eyes. One day, I was worried about it, so I visited the ophthalmologist for an examination. It’s called an epitaph. I found out that it was an epigastric parv surgery. Is there any side effect? Will it be covered by medical insurance?

A: Non-advisory parv surgery refers to partial vitreous resection. Selectively remove only glass floats that cause inscriptions. This is done in vitreous bleeding and surgery to remove foreign substances in the eyeball.

Like LASIK or LASEK surgery, Fab surgery, like other surgeries, can cause complications and in severe cases, can lead to blindness. In principle, it is better to endure the inscription, but if it is really difficult, surgery can be considered. Even if you have an epigastric disease, parv surgery may be performed, and in some cases, you may not be able to do it, so you should undergo a preliminary examination 비아그라 파는곳

The cost of Fab surgery is not covered by medical insurance. Medical insurance is covered for partial vitreous resection performed for other purposes, but Fab surgery is not. This is because the purpose of the surgery is different. Medical insurance also applies to surgery to lift eyelashes by incision and re-sealing the upper eyelid, and commonly referred to double eyelid surgery if eyelashes are pricked, but medical insurance does not apply for cosmetic plastic surgery purposes. It’s the same. Medical insurance does not cover essential surgeries such as plastic surgery, LASIK surgery, and Fab surgery. It is a principle not to perform surgery for non-literacy.

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