Ocular dry presbyopia symptoms. Eyes are blurred sore dry and the letters look overlapped.


Q: A woman in her late 40s. These days, my eyes hurt so much, it seems blurry, and sometimes when I look at the letters, they look overlapping, but they are seen properly, and they are stiff. It’s too similar to glaucoma symptoms. I don’t have a headache, and I don’t have stiff shoulders. My eyes are bad, but it’s been about 10 years since I wore glasses. Even if you wear it sometimes and take an eye exam, your eyesight doesn’t get worse.

When I see the light, it’s hard to look at because it’s blinding. I don’t see a rainbow or red light.

Three months ago, I sat down and woke up once, and when the light on both sides of my eyes was shining on the water, I did it for about three seconds and disappeared. I thought it was like anemia.

My eyes have been stiff and sore lately. I put in eye drops, and it’s okay, but as time goes by, it’s stiff and painful, and I can’t see my eyes well. I don’t usually wear glasses, so I can’t see things far away.

It’s glaucoma, right? I’m scared I’ll go blind. I slept a lot yesterday, but my eyes don’t hurt today. I think my mind is so anxious and worried, and my vision is suddenly narrowing.

A: The symptoms are summarized to the extent that the eyes look blurred, sore, stiff, and overlapping letters. None of the above symptoms are glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease that can only be felt when the disease progresses more than 90% and is just before blindness. Glaucoma is scary because there are no symptoms until it is terminated.

He seems to be worried because he has seen symptoms of acute glaucoma. Acute glaucoma has symptoms of sudden blindness and pain. However, the degree of pain is not cold and stiff. The eyes and head are suddenly accompanied by nausea, and most people who don’t go to the hospital go to the emergency room to take brain CT and MRI, and eye pain and headache that are beyond imagination lasts for more than a day. It doesn’t matter after the acute period.

It is a symptom of dry eyes and presbyopia. There may be glaucoma by coincidence, but it has nothing to do with symptoms. You can visit the ophthalmologist for treatment.

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