Han Sun-hwa

ilyand selected actress Han Sunhwa as a new model

Han Sun-hwa

Fashion company Sejeong announced on the 1st that it has selected actress Han Sunhwa as its exclusive model for jewelry brand ilyand (12&).

ilyand plans to deliver Ilian’s unique sensuous and trendy sensibility to women in their 20s and 30s by introducing Han Sun-hwa, who is drawing attention for her innocent visuals and sophisticated styling, as a new brand muse.

Along with the selection of models, ilyand also released a pictorial containing an emotional holiday mood. In the released pictorial, Han Sun-hwa completed a sensuous year-end holiday look with an off-shoulder dress with a smooth neckline and an Elian’s signature collection, &KNOT necklace. In addition, the best-selling product “Ear Cuff” was produced with a hoop to show a sensible earring styling.

“We expect that Han Sun-hwa’s sophisticated image and the brand image pursued by Illyn will match well to create positive synergy,” an ilyand official said. “We will present various contents with Han Sun-hwa in the future.”

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