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Glucose blood sugar levels are medically low, 125 before diabetes, and 200 for diabetes. In fact, a very healthy person has 80 to 90 percent blood sugar, but now you can tell what blood sugar is like just by empty blood sugar, but that’s usually the case. After the patients had a medical check-up, they measured their blood sugar and paid attention for a few days, and now they’re seeing their blood sugar aunt, and they both know it’s normal. It’s normal today, but I can’t say I’ve been healthy. The important thing is that you can get blood sugar after a meal.

After about two hours of free time after a meal, healthy people use 142 horses as usual. If you’re healthy, it won’t go up even if you eat this. 140 at peak time. I’ll look at the branches as normal. If you listen to 142, you’ll see the steps from 144 to 199, and the hair in room 204 is called diabetes. To make sure I can’t measure all my diabetes, I’ll do a regular one-way test after eating cheap 75g of iPhone sugar water. Glycohemoglobin testing is very important, although some empty blood glucose levels 28 can be used under different conditions. This is the average blood sugar level for three months.

You can usually measure whether you eat or not. In the car, it is 5.62%, 5.7 to 6.4% before diabetes, and 6.5%, but the normal is 5.0%, the three-month average, 200 and 1451%. I wonder if I can do the test alone at home. I told you first that it’s really hard because you need a machine. When I measure my blood sugar, I come to the hospital every three months and the amount is large and I can’t find out everything. How are you going to explain it? It is important to observe blood sugar well at home. Of course, all you need is a measuring instrument, a blood-collecting needle, and a Zestvilla 1 test paper.

It’s a little better than simply preparing your blood sugar intake, measuring your blood sugar before meals, and raising it to two hours after meals. Yes, but I don’t think it fits. You can come to the hospital, Rome, Italy, John. Even if it’s not too late, it’s important to make sure you have the right code for your wetlands. Sometimes that’s life Second, it is not easy to blunt, but it is good to wash your hands clean, and sometimes it is important to finish with dry and alcohol. Alcohol dries it right after the incident. It’s important to send. Next time, don’t be annoyed and push your palms so that there’s enough blood.

What’s more important than the middle finger is that I want to buy a needle that I used to measure blood sugar over and over again. There is a way to use insulin garlic, and it is important to throw it away every March because it is dangerous to get contaminated. Please tell me how to control these three levels so that I don’t get diabetes. Of course, it’s basically a lifestyle. I’ll tell you what I ate today. I’ll use it all today. If you feel this way, it won’t be a problem, but it’s not easy. I can’t exercise often at home because my eyes are busy. But I think eating and exercising is important. It does not affect the picture. That’s the first carbohydrate I gain weight.

If possible, try to eat 40% less carbohydrates and a little bit. And when you get off work, you’ll get more elastic and become the president of the same department, and you won’t know any unsaturated fatty acids. Olive oil, family, and I don’t want saturated fatty acids to eat trans fatty acids I’ll give you plenty of fiber and sugar, so you’d better eat sweet food and work less. I’ll tell you, it’s better to drink over salt at 3 or 2. I don’t think it’s too much. I think it’ll be easy for the director to see that the Middle East is doing well. It is important to eat alone and exercise accordingly. It does not affect the picture.

I’m the first carbohydrate to gain weight. Try not to overeat by eating 40 percent less carbohydrates if possible. If you think about it, you’ll get high-quality carbohydrates that don’t have high sugar content. The same major will be president, and I don’t know what unsaturated fatty acids are You don’t need olive oil or saturated fatty acids or trans fatty acids. I’ll give you a lot of fiber and sugar, so you’d better eat a lot of sweets and work less.

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