Uric acid level in early gout


Gout is an inflammatory disease in the intestines, and as a substance called uric acid accumulates in our body, it causes inflammatory reactions in the human body, causing arthritis, pain, and kidney failure in our body. This gout often occurs in the joints of the toes and toes, and it is said to be a stage where the joints hurt due to gout. It’s been a few days since the pain of breaking bones lasted, and this gout is so painful that I want to cut off my leg.

But this school lunch box is just the tip of the iceberg for the vent here. If left untreated, it is a life-threatening form of chronic renal stone high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, stroke, and mental illness. Uric acid is a substance that accumulates when it is too wrapped in our bodies. Uric acid is an acidic substance that comes out of urine in Chinese characters. The word of God Purin is made of energy and used as energy in our bodies.

When 100 residues are made in the body, normal people have to come out of the body through the kidney at least 100 times, but if a person with gout does not get uric acid from the kidney, the remaining uric acid accumulates. So when you meet after treating the tissue,

Your white blood cells get a new crystal called urate. And they mistake it for germs and viruses and try to eat it. And then the decisions that try to get rid of those decisions don’t go away.

Gout is in progress, so there are various symptoms. At first, blood tests were performed without symptoms of asymptomatic acidemia, and then, after 10 or 40 years of asymptomatic acidemia tests, my joints hurt, my legs limped, and the third is the acute gout Christmas ritual.

There are times when there are no symptoms that seem to have been treated well, which is called gout. Symptoms come and go, but if you don’t treat it properly and improve it for about 10 years, it’s chronic nodular gout. Chronic nodular gout builds up a lot of uric acid in the joint, builds up in the kidneys, builds up in the blood vessels, and later does not cause complications such as joint deformation, chronic kidney failure, urinary stones, stroke stroke stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, and angina.

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