It’s because of the lens that causes congestion in your eyes?


My eyes get bloodshot often in the evening because I have to sit in front of the computer for half a day. Besides, I’m always worried that my eyes will get worse because of the dry snow. Everyone wants to have clear, white, shiny eyes. The point of a beautiful face is the beauty of the eyes, which is even more so for women. Red-blooded eyes are fatal to women who want to look beautiful.

The transparent conjunctiva that covers the whites of the eyes is said to have no blood on the top. “All capillaries in conjunctival tissue have blood”

If you are in a contracted state for any cause and are stimulated, the contracted blood vessels expand and the blood becomes cold, causing the blood to stagnate.

Acute and chronic conjunctivitis can cause congestion. Among conjunctivitis, there are various treatments such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergies, chemistry, and other treatments.

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