Probability of pregnancy taking oral contraceptives on the day of the start of menstruation


I’ve had my first contraceptive pill since the beginning of my period, and you can hear that I don’t have a lot of pregnancy tips Because if the fifth period, two days, but the relationship is related, even if I have contraceptives within an inch of my blood relationship right after I bleed, there’s some bleeding.Is it just a coincidence? 3. Is the possibility of pregnancy a condom in the vagina without mercy?My menstrual period begins with 21 to 5 days every day, 7 days for withdrawal, and taking contraceptives. All contraceptives continue for seven days up to 14 days or more if you are expecting a pregnancy. Double contraception is recommended if you take contraceptives for the first time. Male sperm fertilized through pregnancy is an internal condition of the vagina. Qualitatively necessary conditions for penetration. In terms of the quality of childbearing age, sperm in situations fully assess the possibility of pregnancy when high. Sex is unlikely during menstruation and pregnancy. It’s always likely to be pregnant, but evaluating the idea of the uterus can be an environment where it’s not. Please consult an obstetrician for more information and visit the hospital 비아그라 구입

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