Neuro-treated molars stinging


Q: I’m a woman in my late 30s. Two or three months ago, the lower right molar was neurotreated and not filled with amalgam because of economic problems.

From two to three weeks ago, my teeth tingle like electricity. The tooth at the end is filled with amalgam. I didn’t get any neurological treatment. There are times when other people who are fine up and down feel tingly, too.

I have to put it on later, but I’m worried if I can just put it on or do it again.

Someone else might think it’s because they’re tingling, but I think it’s tingling. Can you take an X-ray to see if there’s any nerve left? Is there any way to stop the stabbing of others who are fine? What material should I use to cover my lower molar after neuro therapy? Can fraud be repurposed without damaging prosthetics if neurological treatment is 비아그라 파는곳
performed long after it is applied? 

A: Neuro-therapy is a treatment that removes the internal nerve and blood vessels of the teeth and fills them with drugs. The anatomical structure of the dimensions varies from individual to individual and often has particularly fine dimensions. Because of this, my senses remain even after neurological treatment. In most cases, it decreases after a certain period of time, but otherwise, the circle needs to be examined. Molar teeth can consider various materials after neuro therapy, but gold is the most bio-friendly. If you can’t see much when you talk, it’s better to do gold.

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