Putting ceramic teeth on without neuro therapy


Q: I’m a woman in my early 20s. Two of the lower teeth are in trouble. A year and a half ago, one of the lower middle two teeth was rotten and it hurt. I just put one of my teeth on the porcelain without neuro therapy and one of my teeth.

There was a slight pain left after putting it on. At the time, I thought I had two teeth neurosurgical. I thought it was not well treated, so I endured it even if I felt a bit hot and let it go.

Sometimes, I had a meal, drank a drink, or had a slight fever during my life, but I didn’t feel it for a while, so I just held it in.

I had to drink hot green tea three days ago. As soon as the hot water touched my lower teeth, I had a cold pain. I thought it was just a temporary phenomenon. Since then, the pain, which was a little hot, has deepened since drinking hot green tea.

If you get cold wind through your teeth or drink cold water,

It’s too cold and I feel pain for a long time. I brushed my teeth with lukewarm water and drank lukewarm water. It hurts less than cold or hot water, but it also hurts a little. I used to have a little pain, but I felt it got worse this time.

I went to the dentist and took an X-ray. The dentist told me that only one of them was neuro-treated, and the other one was not neuro-treated, so the roots were exposed and it could get cold. After a few more weeks, if it’s too hard, they have to rip it off, treat it, and put on teeth. It’s so stressful.

A: My teeth are getting in trouble because I haven’t been in prosthetics for a while. The teeth that have not been treated for neurological inflammation are sensitive to slight irritation due to internal dimensional inflammation, and the spontaneous pain is likely to worsen. Neurological treatment is performed when the nerves are already damaged or there is a high risk of damage, or when many teeth are damaged due to the need to change the location of the teeth.

Probably, when treating in the past, only one tooth was severely damaged and the other tooth was not that damaged, so I think that’s how it was treated.

You may feel bad because it hasn’t been long since you’ve been treated, but don’t tolerate the discomfort and get neurological treatment after removing prosthetics.

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