Pain after 1 month of dental resin treatment


Q: I’m a woman in my mid-20s. I got scaling and two teeth resin treatment 15 days ago. I couldn’t chew the food because of the tingling pain. I visited the dentist again a week later. It’s because the top and bottom don’t fit well, so I changed it.

I couldn’t chew the food, so I went to the dentist again. I ground it again. Since then, I have no tingling pain, but I feel tingling pain in the treatment area. I also have a headache. My cheeks hurt, too.

When I went to the dentist again, he said he didn’t know why he was sick when his resin was treated well and his cavity was small, so he wasn’t close to the nerve. I’ve been to another dentist, but he said the same thing. I don’t think I need a neurological treatment. They say everything looks fine, but I’m sick. I slept after taking medicine yesterday because I was sick.

When will it get better? For your information, I didn’t have any pain before the resin treatment, and when I took an X-ray, I said I had a cavity and wanted to treat it.

A: You may experience discomfort when your nerves are irritated because of poor engagement or deep cavities after resin treatment. The former is solved through co-ordination and the latter through neurological treatment.

There may be gaps between resin and teeth, and cracks in the teeth themselves. Other causes of pain may be not caused by tooth pain, such as tertiary neuralgia 비아그라구매

If it’s too uncomfortable, visit your dentist again and talk to your doctor.

If there is no other way, ask them to check how to remove resin, treat ivory sensitivity, and repair it again, or check the possibility of cracking. If that doesn’t solve it, take other pain tests such as tertiary neuralgia.

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