Ovarian deformity, menstruation, not yet.


Q: I’m a woman in my mid-thirties. I’ve had sex since I was 14. I have a strong desire for sex. Even when I have a boyfriend, I often meet and have relationships with other guys (reading club, church, reunion, work, etc.) Now I have a husband, but I sometimes bring a young man in his early 20s who I met through a chat app to my house.

I don’t know if it’s because of that, but I have an ovarian strain. The size was 7cm when tested 8 or 9 months ago.

My period was originally irregular. I skipped for 48 days. I think I always did it once a month except for 2 months of winter. It was accurate from April to December 2019 when I started dieting. It started 2 days later than the scheduled date in January. I haven’t heard from you in February even though it’s been 6 days since the scheduled date. I had sex on January 26th, February 1st and 6th. I had chest pain two weeks before my scheduled period. When will my period begin?

A: If you had an ovarian malformation, a diet, and had sex that was not contraceptive, you could first check your pregnancy and consult with her without menstruation. Two weeks after the last sex, you can check your pregnancy with urine.

If you had sex on January 26th, you can check it out on February 9th, two weeks later. You can have sex on February 6th when you don’t have a period until February 20th.

After two weeks, it is recommended that you take your first urine in the morning with high hormone content. After that, it doesn’t matter if you do a test any time of the day. If you want to check your pregnancy quickly or more accurately, you can visit the gynecologist for a pregnancy blood test. You can check the test results in about 15 minutes.

Your period can be delayed due to external factors such as stress. When the pregnancy test machine is negative, wait for up to 3 months for menstruation.

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