Irregular menstruation cause.


Childbearing age, the woman ovulate regularly.Physiology is practiced regularly, too.If you can’t get pregnant, and ovulation is about two weeks after the endometrial was released with the blood drops out, it is physiological.

Irregular ovulation is not on a regular basis and can indicate that he is physiological.40 over the work of the menstrual cycle, ovulation skipping them, there is a possibility of ovulation huibal.If you don’t have to for a long period of time period, chronic anovulation doubted you can see.Some may lead to premature menopause, accurate diagnosis and aggressive treatment is needed.

That span the hormone is time for about a year after first period starts.Menstrual cycle are in place within 21 to 35 days may not.If you still out of the cycle of treatment should be considered.Polycystic ovary syndrome or premature ovarian, and premature ovarian failure is suspected and continuous examination is important.

Ovulation disorders represent many of female infertility cause.Should be fundamental to avoid for the infertility treatment.

Obese or overweight can also be affected.Therefore, better diet and regular exercise is needed.

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