Reasons for not menstruating primary menstruation


Menstruation refers to not having menstruation at least three times the period of one’s menstruation, or more than six months. It is a symptom that cannot be taken lightly because it is worse than menstrual irregularities.

Why don’t you have your period? Periodic physiology is a phenomenon that occurs through hypothalamus, pituitary gland, ovaries, and uterine axial interactions. If a problem occurs in even one place, symptoms of not having a hard time or menstruation for a long time appear.

Menstruation is divided into primary and quick-acting. Usually, it is quick-motivation that does not occur for more than six months from one day after the first period. Many of the infertility or early menopause patients are monotonic.

Usually, the second sex symbol does not appear and the second sex symbol does not begin until the age of 13, or the second sex symbol appears, but it is classified as the first menstrual menstruation when the second sex symbol does not appear until the age of 15.

Ovarian development may deteriorate, so it may not be hard-nosed or may be delayed due to heredity. If early menopause occurs without the first period, symptoms of insufficient breast development also occur, causing secondary stress.

It is almost impossible to revert after menopause, so it is very important to discover it as soon as possible. Without menstrual treatment, dysfertility or thickening of the endometrium can lead to functional uterine bleeding. The possibility of endometrial cancer increases 비아그라구매

If your child’s age is already over 15 or 13 years old, but there is no secondary sex symbol, you should consider treatment if you suspect primary menstruation.

Before entering high school, it is important to have a first-time education and regain a normal menstrual cycle (within 21 to 35 days).

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