Precautions after implant surgery


First if you do implant surgery, you’re anesthetized After the surgery, you don’t wake up right away, so you have to drink for 2 to 3 hours and be careful not to have symptoms around you until you wake up. Check if the anesthesia goes away, and then visit the dentist the next day and tell me if there’s anything uncomfortable You have to be careful not to get on board until the anesthesia wears off for about two to three hours because the surgical area is to be adjustedYou have to be careful not to wake up

The second one was to prevent the appearance from occurring in the area you operated on First of all, after the repair, when the surgical site goes out, we’ll put it up You have to keep it off for about two hours to stop the rain, and if you bleed after two hours, you have to hold the puzzle in your mouth to wake up well If you eat hot soup or hot drinks at home after the surgery, you can have extra blood loss in the area of the surgery, so you can eat a little cool, a little lukewarm, a little hot, or not hot I recommend it

If you’re going to eat large chunks of food later, it’s good to eat fluid for a few days because the surgical site is alone, and thirdly, post-implant edema occurs After surgery, blood vessels gather to heal the area. Depending on your condition, it can be swollen and burdensome. The area can be large or small, and the swelling can occur for 48 hours after surgery, so applying a cold compress for two days is effective in preventing swelling

Whenever you drink a lot at home, it’s good to apply cold compresses to the area you operated on for two days. When swelling occurs and goes away, it’s good to keep in mind that the area may have increased suture or burst operating expenses The 400th one is an important part, smoking and drinking have a big impact on the outcome of the surgery After the surgery, the gums have to come out of the surgical area, but if you smoke, the gums will be regenerated

After planting, you have to help it stick to the bone, but if the gums don’t stick well, the implantation area is exposed to the outside environment, and in this case, it is often called infection or failure

It’s better to give a week’s notice of smoking when you have an incision-free implant instead of having your gums removed. You know, smoking has a big impact on your success

There’s something I filmed before going to bed, so I think it’d be good to keep that in mind. Fifth, they’re asking a lot of questions about drinking When do you start drinking after planting? It’s better not to drink It’s not very good, but if you drink after surgery, as I explained, you’ll have a significant loss of immunity in an environment where you can have Lunar New Year and hepatitis

It’s going to have a negative impact Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid food for at least a month because drinking affects the success rate of implants and drink separately until the prosthetic goes up

When you brush your teeth, or when you’re outside, you press it with your hand because you’re curious about how it went, but in this case, the results of the surgery are not very good 비아그라 구매

So, you should be careful when you eat out. You should press it with your hands, or eat a lot of food and use a lot of muscles around you. I need to explain one more thing, but the most important thing is to take care of your nutrition You have to eat well to make your bones stick well, so be careful about your meals and always understand your health condition to get a good result

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