Dental care during pregnancy (implant)


If you get pregnant, it’s hormone secretion, and the fetus is doing well in your stomach, so mothers are worried that there might be a problem with your child Even if you get sick throughout your pregnancy, even if you get sick or have social problems, you don’t visit the dentist. After giving birth, there are cases where you raise a hospital

If you go through the pregnancy process, it means that the fetus is made in the stomach, last fertilized, and conceived. That’s the early pregnancy exaggeration They grow up to be 12 weeks pregnant, 15 trillion more, and they change their accounts and grow, and they call them mid-pregnancy Since there is a difference and preparation between 28 weeks of pregnancy and 30 weeks of pregnancy, I am telling you that life is at the end of pregnancy

If you want to come, there are three main steps, and I’ll explain when you need to go to the dentist in the middle of your pregnancy, and I don’t care if you stop and go to the dentist in the middle part of your pregnancy You know, early pregnancy, early pregnancy, you get a simple treatment like scaling, and I’m going to go into more detail, and I’m going to go through it, and I’m going to show you about one to ten Regardless of the condition, you can take into consideration the condition of the mother’s condition because of the fluidity, and come safely

If you’re going to have a meal or get rid of things that aren’t right, you’d better come and get the best brushing education or oral hygiene, or get the blood work done, so if you’re preparing the engine or getting pregnant early, come to the dentist, check it out, and take care of it

In the case of scaling, only the people on the gums get rid of the books, so if you don’t think about the condition, you haven’t been spelled for a long time, and if you don’t have a lot of memories, you can get them in the early stages of pregnancy

But since the fetus was just born in the early stages of pregnancy, she’s sensitive to external work on drugs It’s the same for Samsung. It’s the same with the times

I’m not allowed to talk about taking drugs or taking injections, but I don’t want to go to the dentist because I’m sensitive to radiography Don’t think that you should go to the dentist. As I explained in the early stages of pregnancy, if you have a procedure, you should spell it before your gums get worse

If you can, you can’t take medication vehicles. If the dentist tells you that most people are pregnant, they’ll show you because it’s not the process

If you go inside your gums when you’re more skilled than scaling, you can say that you can scratch off an implant, and you can do it during pregnancy, and you can also do extraction or implant nerve therapy If you have a lot of cavities and your teeth hurt quickly, or if your car is shaking because of the bad condition, or if you need to have it removed right now, you’ll usually get it treated at the dentist 비아그라파는곳

It will stand up for 48 hours, so steaming it with cold water for about two days is very effective

Whenever you drink a lot at home, it’s better to pack the area you bought for two days. If swelling occurs once and you want it, it’s better to keep the precautions because you might live in a suture accident or burst the cost of surgery Fourth, this is an important part, smoking and drinking have a huge impact on the outcome of the surgery After the surgery, the gums have to come out of the surgical area, but if you smoke, the gums will be regenerated

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