Treatment of Gastric Ulcer (Gastric Endoscopic Diagnosis)


First of all, we’re going to diagnose gastroscopy, and if we find an opinion, we’re going to have to check if we’re taking any lifestyle drugs that might cause it, and we’re going to need a biopsy to check for gastric cancer I’m going to have to do a test on the cause of Helicobacter pylori, and if it’s diagnosed as a stomach, my treatment is importantThe first treatment is to determine the cause

You need to check if the cause is lifestyle or any medication you takeIt’s important to stop saying hello as a cause Then I’d like to tell you that medication is important The basis of drug treatment is gastric acid inhibitors. The treatment of gastric acid inhibitors, which are being used these days, will be an important treatment

It’s a good idea to avoid sweet foods, stimulating foods, and spicy foods that can stimulate gastric acid secretion while on medication If stomach ulcers get worse, as I said before, bleeding or deepening, and stomach ulcers, especially with gastric cancer, can cause stomach food to get out and narrow the exit

Such gastric outlet obstruction and other conditions may be found to be serious and may require more invasive treatment After the treatment, I need to do a gastroscopy to make sure that my intentions are completely curedSince then, any comfort with Helicobacter pylori can help treat stomach ulcers, and I think you’ve heard a lot about Helicobacter pylori, and you’ve heard a lot about yogurt commercials

It’s known to be related to gastritis and gastric ulcers About 50% of the world’s population is known to have Helicobacter pylori It’s generally known to be applied to profitability from unsanitary water, and Helicobacter pylori doesn’t necessarily require treatment just because it’s infected

Gastric ulcer, gastric cancer, gastric lymphoma, marriage, when it’s more important, you’ll need treatment if you go to Helicobacter pylori and you don’t have any symptoms, if you have an endoscopy and you have a mild risk, you don’t Rice is also the basis of medicine

Two or more antibiotics combined with gastric acid inhibitors are used to treat them It’s called antibiotic eradication After these treatments, you can get an endoscopy to examine the tissue, or you can check if the muscle has been eradicated by a simple test. Helicobacter pylori’s success rate varies from country to country due to the treatment

It’s about 63 to 80 percent We can’t get the rest of the treatment, so we’re going to get a second treatment, a third treatment, and an additional treatment Once the treatment is successful, the probability of re-infection is reported to be about 50% or 5% per year I think I’ll be able to eat continuously, treat Helicobacter pylori, and have a good stomach ulcer again

As I said, it works It’s a third-quarter inhibitor, and it’s usually taken for six to eight weeks, and it’s hard for patients to complete their orders, so I can tell you

The treatment didn’t go well and it recurred The first thing you need to check is if you’re taking the medication wellThere are a number of considerations regarding recurrent gastric ulcers in the premise In patients who have Helicobacter pylori, which is largely Helicobacter pylori, the first is the absence of Helicobacter pylori, which we can consider separating gastric ulcers in patients who do not have Helicobacter pylori

I can say that there’s something we’re doing because of antibiotic resistance, but we can reduce recurrence of Helicobacter pylori stomach ulcers However, for gastric ulcers, there are considerations for fish species

It’s important to take lifestyle drugsI don’t know if I’m doing well to improve my medication lifestyle. I haven’t found any medication, unless it’s me, I’m doing it consistently And we need to look at that, and the last thing we need to check is that the stomach doesn’t appear in the form of gastric ulcers

We need to get a biopsy when we first know it, and we need to get a follow-up gastroscopy to make sure that the gastric cancer cells are not partially read, so we need a main procedure to confirm that gastritis is a gastric ulcer Even with these preventive care, the recurrence occurs, and when you treat it again, the six sides need to take the medication for eight weeks 시알리스 파는곳

Rather than experiencing an endless cycle due to recurrence of treatment, it is better to pay special attention not to recur from the beginning At the end of the day, patients told me that six to eight weeks is not a long time for my health You talked about the fundamental treatment of gastric ulcer today Don’t be afraid to go to the hospital, don’t be lazy to take medicine, and I think it’s important to pay attention to your body

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