the sour smell of vaginal secretions before menstruation


I thought there was a lot of vaginal secretions before menstruation. I heard that if there is a lot of vaginal secretions, it can be vaginitis. It’s not that I don’t do it, but the secretions from the book can be in normal condition There are different types of soup depending on the person, and depending on the menstrual cycle, you can do it all. The teacher might change a bit, so just because the amount of vaginal secretions has increased, you can’t call it vaginitis

There’s a big difference between vaginal secretions and certain symptoms when they’re normal. Jaeyoung is now inflamed So, there are people who feel pain, itching, increased secretion, and sometimes uncomfortable when they urinate. Depending on the type of infectious disease, sometimes it smells like fishy smell. Sometimes it’s very itchy. Depending on the type of mask, vaginitis can be divided into bacterial, trichomonasylitis

Out of the things I did yesterday, bacterial infections are caused by the infection of Gardnerlla Normally, there’s a normal bacterium called “Silla” that keeps it slightly acidic So, if you use it to prevent bad bacteria like Gardnerlla from living, you can overproduce bacteriophage, and one of them is fungal infections, and if women experience 50 to 70 percent of it in their lives, it’s a disease, and it’s a lot itchy and secretions look like waste

It shows a characteristic preparation It’s kind of embarrassing to go to the hospital and meet the doctor when you get ready or itchy. If you tell us how to diagnose and treat it, we’ll have to see the patients when they come to the hospital for seven minutes of rain water or itching So we’re going to run a medical examination first, and if necessary, we’re going to run a life test. If you diagnose it, you’re going to use antibiotics to treat it, and if you have bacterial vaginitis, you’re going to take antibiotics as a warning, or you’re going to insert the truth

One is fungal, so you use antifungal medicine to kill the fungus. In case of a disease, it doesn’t go away quickly after treatment. It may take a day or two to get rid of itching. I heard that vaginitis can recur after treatment First of all, the antibiotics that can treat Gil Sung-joon’s Gardnerlella with bacteriophagitis end the treatment period with seven days of medication or seven days of vaginal insertion, and that’s how much Jun’s actually gone

But if you don’t have a common recurrence or appointment, if you have secretions, you have to think of it as vaginitis. It’s very waterproof. It’s supposed to be slightly acidic Lactobacillus age has to maintain the environment in the world, but if you wash the truth with water, soap, or body cleanser, or if you sterilize it with something lonely, it’s not good for acidity. It creates a good environment to multiply the scent 비아그라효능

If I don’t wear perfume, it’s not like I come to the hospital and come to the hospital to see if it smells bad or if it’s really abnormal, and if I want to get rid of that smell, I’m going to have to treat it So it’s right to cure the disease, and there are cases of poo that young people can smell sour even with normal vaginal secretions

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