Smell of premenstrual adolescents’ physiology


My friends say that it’s almost their birthday But I’m not tall, I’m not tall, I’m not tall, I’m not even tall, I’m not frozen yet, I forget about my period and I’m almost there It’s been almost 2 years, but why isn’t it cold? It’s hard for the kids in Korea to get shorter. I saw the CEO’s drawing 6th grade, 7th grade. A lot of people do that

Yes, as I said before, if my second voice comes out, my chest comes out, and my body hair comes out, then I’m going to get my period soon There are people who still don’t have their period even after years. When did they not have their period for the first time? They have to get it checkedIf you don’t get your period by this time, you have to keep doing it It’s been delayed for a long time, but there are cases where it works and the development of the ovary is a bit deformed. Also, the genes appear to be women on the outside, but there are cases like XY

If you don’t have your period until the 3rd day of middle school, last week, the female hormone test, and ultrasound may show that your ovaries are not good, so you can check if there’s any quality, so wait a little longer If you don’t have a birthday, go to the hospital and check your period. On the contrary, you start your period too early

Maternal precocious puberty. If mothers do it early, they do it early. In theory, we have to do it because it’s called precocious puberty If it’s 83, 8, 3, you need to get tested. And if it’s too early, it’s based on the age of 8 When I was in 4th grade, my chest came out, there was a monkey, a nipple came out, and the same thing came out. I think my mom was worried about my daughter. She was doing tests. You can just look at me as normal Don’t worry

Does it make sense that there are people who didn’t menstruate until they were 24? Even though I started menstruation, it’s different if I don’t have menstruation for 6 months in the middle. There are parts like that where I started menstruation twice a year even though I’m 24 years old Those people have polycystic ovaries that have difficulty ovulating their ovaries, and they do some tests during the male hormone test. Why is that? It’s not hard until you’re 24 years old. You should go to the hospital quickly. One or two friends have a high chance of polycystic ovaries

Polycystic ovaries have ovaries on both sides. Normally, ovulation is normal. You have to ovulate once a month, right and left. I’ll ovulate But it didn’t work. So I didn’t have my period because it’s my birthday. But for those people, there’s a unique shape of Songpa’s hand when they see ultrasonic waves It’s round on the edge. You can see black circles with bracets. It’s a syndrome that comes with a lot of fat. There are a lot of pimples and oily skin. There are a lot of memo papers. It doesn’t fit well with male hormones, but if you take a male hormone test, it’s high

And if you don’t have a pituitary hormone test, there’s a kind of diagnosis. If you don’t have a birthday for too long, you don’t know when your ovulation is due. If you don’t have your period for 6 months, it’s hard. If you have a uterus like this, it’s going to fall out But it doesn’t come off and it’s stuck together As it builds up little by little, it can become thicker than normal

If the endometrium gets too thick, it can be winter. Even if it’s just endometriosis, it’s okay, but if it’s combination endometriosis or something that changes cell shape, money can go to endometriosis, so you have to drop it and come out Yeah, well, if you don’t do it for more than three months, you’ll use it, and then you’ll have to make sure it’s your birthday every month. No, I’ll take contraceptives and lose some weight, and the first way we can get back to normal is when you lose weight

There are people who lost too much weight and went on a serious diet Starting with them, you have to go down and order your ovaries to have menstruation. If you lose weight suddenly, you may not come out. Athletes don’t have menstruation There are too many. It’s a problem because I’m too skinny, and I’m also paying for my normal weight. It’s the endometrium. If it’s too thin, you’re asking if there’s a cure If the endometrium is too thin, the problem is that

When you’re trying to conceive a uterus, you’re not pregnant because you can’t conceive, and if you’re abnormal, there’s a lot of things that aren’t caused by the act, and I’m already worried about that I’m afraid of going to early menopause. If your endometrium is too thin, it’s because estrogen female hormones fit you. If your endometrium becomes thinner, you’ll get thinner as you get more often

You can’t do this with the endometrium. If you do it many times, the endometrium gets thinner and thinner, and if you get a wound and you get a first-second cold, you don’t get menstrual blood in the area, so the measurement decreases The more you do surgery, the more you give me menstrual cups is because you have a schedule So even though the endometrium hasn’t been operated on, if it’s thin, you can just take a bunch of female hormones or some of the female hormones. How can a infertile couple look at the endometrium too well and another case where it’s thin is if you take birth control pills for a long time?

The contraceptive pill makes the endometrium thinner, but for those who had a lot of bad nutrition menstruation, the endometrium is said to have the advantage of reducing myopia, but anemia can help But if you take contraceptives for about 34 years and the endometrium becomes thinner, you can stop watching it for a second It’s not just a procedure, it’s not a contraceptive pill, but if your endometrium is thin, it’s good to watch a show where you take estrogen early, and I’ll just bring all that medicine, and I’ll get sick by the time I get pregnant 비아센터

If you get hurt suddenly and get dizzy, you might get dizzy. If you get more menstrual volume little by little, you might not feel dizzy. So you can just take a blood test to see if it’s raining. If men know this, it’ll help you take care of your girl He tested positive for the hpv virus, but he was worried about how much it would cost his girlfriend. He said, “It’s so painful.” I know that, but he doesn’t take it seriously. It’s more than 50% likely that it’ll just disappear. Don’t worry

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